2020 Ford Bronco Off-Roader

These days different information is circulating about Ford Bronco SUV. People who liked this vehicle in the past know that carmaker has stopped the production of this model. However, we are researching about these rumors and according to Car and Driver reports it will probably come out by 2020. At this moment teaser has begun to develop with the future characteristics. So, in the next couple paragraphs, we talk about 2020 Ford Bronco which has Ford’s DNA. Further, Bronco is a typical off-road vehicle with excellent driving skills and much cheaper than bestseller models. Furthermore, production of Focus and C-Max in Michigan Assembly Plant will be replaced with Bronco and Ranger nameplate during 2018. What new can you expect? The inspiration for design lies in the 2004 Bronco concept and modern SUV lineup. Beside boxy design, you will also get a body-on-frame platform and much more.

2020 Ford Bronco-front-view

2020 Ford Bronco – Specs

We still have no information related to the powertrain but we can assume that carmaker will develop efficient engines. On the other hand, engineers could use existing engines from the pallet. Engineers will build construction of 2020 Ford Bronco on an above-mentioned platform. They made it  from aluminum and other lightweight materials. For that reason, the overall weight will be smaller so driving will be much better than earlier. Further, Bronco has borrowed an independent front suspension, solid rear axle and other mechanical elements from F-150. That’s all in order to increase payload and towing capacity. Next engine will send power to rear wheels or all four wheels. It also supports off-road capability and sees competition in good Jeep Wrangler.

2020 Ford Bronco – Design

 What about design? The 2020 Ford Bronco is a mixture of retro and futuristic concept to get a unique design. As the main advantage, it would attract potential customers who search for the similar vehicle. One look at front fascia and you can see many similarities with the first generation of Bronco. One of those key item designs is classic round shaped headlights. In addition, square inset front grille can also be seen. Because it is and off-road vehicle, right beneath front fascia reinforcement panel is placed. Also, lights on the roof help increase the level of visibility. Designers will it separate versions of Bronco with different looking grille, the shape of fenders, etc. This wouldn’t be a useful off-road vehicle without appropriate ground clearance.

2020 Ford Bronco-front view1

2020 Ford Bronco – Conclusion

So, all in all, we must be patient since information about 2020 Ford Bronco is pretty scarce. But we are quite happy because one of the famous American icons is making their way back when it had full glory.

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