2019 Honda Fit Rumors, Speculations

From the Japanese automotive magazine, information has leaked about next generation of Honda Fit model which will come on the market in 2019. According to text, it will come as the fourth generation Honda Fit with significant changes in engine departments. Next to the small economic turbo engine, the carmaker will certainly introduce and hybrid power for 2019 Honda Fit. On this manner, this five-door hatchback provides better driving performances for potential customers.

Further, that means the savings in fuel budget and continuing of successful development in the technical segment. The changes you can expect on the exterior design, for example, are that the carmaker will take key elements from new Honda Civic. The point is that carmaker uniform design language for all models in the lineup. In other words, you can very easily predict body shapes and key elements, so you know in advance what to expect from Honda Fit.

2019 Honda Fit – Weight Loss

On the market, at this moment is an actual third generation of Honda Fit. Carmaker launched in 2014 and until a new generation, you might expect facelift upgrade. We have peeked in chronology and saw that it was built on the “Global Small Car Platform”. We don’t have information about the possibility that carmaker will create a new platform but we are deeply convinced that they will reduce weight with new materials. Sources close to Japanese carmaker claim that overall weight of 2019 Honda Fit will be around 68 pounds less. We still don’t know what will Honda do with dimensions; on the other hand, world trend is about increasing the cabin space.

2019 Honda Fit-front view

2019 Honda Fit – Borrowed Design

The Honda will put main emphasize on the standardizing the design language. The exterior design of 2019 Honda Fit comes with new “Solid Wing Face” and decorative elements in silver color. Beside the front grille, in the corners, you can find sharper headlights. The engineers will install LED technology with a great level of lighting and thus increased visibility. The body will also adopt some minor changes such as front bumper being revised and other elements on the rear end. The carmaker promises aerodynamic vehicle which will serve in urban purposes very well. There is a possibility that in next three years changes in development will occur and perhaps you can see some different elements.

2019 Honda Fit – Hybrid Power

The big news is a new 1.0-liter turbo three-cylinder engine which produces 127 horsepower. Hybrid power might also come in play as the second option which combines a 1.5-liter i-VTEC four-cylinder engine with the i-MMD system. Furthermore, hybrid power will come with CVT transmission while conventional engine deposes with manual or automatic transmission. In offer for 2019 Honda Fit, there are two layouts with front-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive. We also expect special improvements in fuel rates, but for now, we don’t know accurate numbers.

More Information To Come

It is very early to talk about interior design, and especially about technologies. But they will surely be smarter and they will enable for easier getting around the user interface. The price and release date are still unknown.

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