2019 BMW X4 Upcoming

We expect in the next two years very big changes in the BMW X line-up. According to AutoExpress report, you will be in a position to see refreshed SUV’s as and two new models, too. Between all above mentioned particularly distinguishes new BMW X4. This four-door coupe SUV will look very similar to an X3 sibling. Also, 2019 BMW X4 represents golden middle between X2 and X6. It looks sportier than predecessor and has a lighter body with new exterior details. Upcoming X3 model is polestar for X4. Namely, engineers have installed same chassis technology, so the vehicle will be more efficient. The carmaker hopes of greater profits from X4 because SUV sale shows the exponential growth of the last few years. The greatest attention is dedicated to rear-wheel drive. Something else the digital era requires improvement of electronics which will enable help for drivers during driving.

2019 BMW X4-front view

2019 BMW X4 Interior

The biggest problem of coupe model is interior space. Thanks to the new modular platform this issue will be successfully resolved. What can we say about the interior of 2019 BMW X4? First of all, updates bring better assistance for the driver. In addition, it avoids errors and predicts potential problems. New graphical pattern enables the modern multimedia content to reproduction. In meantime, soft and quality materials make your stay more pleasant.

2019 BMW X4 Iconic Design

A large number of customers expect somewhat different exterior design. We claim that they are right. Look at the just new iconic design, new wheel arches and LED technology. Designers adopt some tweaks in order to enhance aerodynamic features. For example, the main change is related to air ducts and other elements. On the other hand, the manufacturer retained distinctive kidney grille, rounded rear end and more. All in all, if you need a more aggressive body then you can select M badge. It brings better performances into the specification. New lighter construction plays the same role. Finally, you will be satisfied with those what you saw. The 2019 BMW X4 we can explain as a blend of a traditional look, and evaluation processes.

2019 BMW X4-rear view

2019 BMW X4 Specification

Depending on from which market you came from depends and power drive. For example, European market gets diesel engines such as four cylinders and six cylinders. On the other hand, American market prefers gasoline engines. The 2019 BMW X4 becomes more economical and stronger than ever. As we said in the introduction, they put the focus on rear wheel drive. Also, BMW’s fans adore xDrive(all-wheel drive). That’s all because rest of specification will stay unchanged.

2019 BMW X4 Release Date

The release date will be somewhere in 2018. We don’t know the precise date of start of the sales. Info about price is under the veil of secrecy. We predict that price will be something higher.

2019 BMW X4-interior

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