2018 Toyota Prius SUV Upcoming

There is one more surprise from Toyota kitchen, especially when Prius is an issue. Probably you read so much about this green car and its power-train performances. Also, you could learn that it has a friendly impact on the human environment as well. But at this moment in automotive industry SUV vehicles dominate, whose sales are growing every day. Can you guess where our attention goes? Toyota in partnership with Mazda built new SUV vehicle which will come as 2018 Toyota Prius SUV.

First of all, this model is inspired by Toyota CH-R Concept which is unveiled in 2014 in Paris Motor Show. Certainly, new SUV will be different of current models from Toyota portfolio such as Toyota Highlander, Toyota Rav4, and others. When we talk about this model, plans are developing well and start of production will be very soon. Like famous hatchback, we also expect a good reception by customers.

2018 Toyota Prius SUV-front view

2018 Toyota Prius SUV – Exterior

What do you think how will look upcoming Prius SUV? Look at render photos and try to remember what you see on the outside. The 2018 Toyota Prius SUV has huge similarities with Nissan Juke, but with a few authentic novelties. The body is characterized by aggressive front fascia, bold lines, interesting lights and much more. When you look closer at front fascia you can notice new fender and “Angry Birds inspiration”. That’s not all; the cabin comes with four separate doors. In addition, you can expect some new decorative details, new materials and adopting elements from Joint Venture.

 2018 Toyota Prius SUV – Interior

Although we never learned anything about the interior, according to reports by carmaker we expect that 2018 Toyota Prius SUV will look like as in Prius Liftback. Further, all interior devices and instrument panel are coming in the middle of the dashboard. Fortunately, the apartment provides enough space for passenger’s knee and comfortable riding. Also, experts predict extra luggage capacity intended for long travelling so it will satisfy all your potential desires. To sum it up, stylish interior with soft materials will give you the opportunity to increase driving experience. Imagine just user interface and up-to-date technologies which on easy way allow management of this vehicle.

2018 Toyota Prius SUV-interior

 2018 Toyota Prius SUV – Power

Here we are at the specification which will tell us more about power. Engineers set Hybrid powertrain which combines Mazda Skyactiv-D 1.5-liter diesel engine and Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive system. In other words, new diesel hybrid provides most effective fuel economy. Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph takes 10 seconds, while speed limit is at 125 mph. Future owners should get the possibility to choose between two or four wheel drive and automatic or manual transmission. The only unknown thing is how the diesel hybrid will live in the USA. Perhaps it will be replaced with a gasoline engine.

2018 Toyota Prius SUV – Price

If you take all the above into account, the price will start at $35,000. Key competitors are Nissan Juke and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. Cutting edge design in mixture with diesel hybrid power option will surely give excellent results.

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