2018 Tesla Model 3 Features

Tesla’s smallest car which will come next year on the market and should realize the ambition of company to become an affordable vehicle for everyone. New electric 2018 Tesla Model 3 according to words of Elon Musk, who is Tesla President, brings new design and powerful performances. It borrows elements from two other models such as Model S and Model X. Unlike them, it comes without luxury details which make the model more affordable. If you peek in the chronology you can notice that this is the first generation of electric compact car. Its production is located in Fremont in the United States, headquarter of Tesla Motors. That’s not all; Elon Musk plans to build “Gigafactory” in Nevada with a huge capacity to increase production for 500,000 vehicles annually. Under those circumstances, we believe that Model 3 will hit the target and attract a wide range of customers.

2018 Tesla Model 3-front view

2018 Tesla Model 3 – Exterior Design

What do you expect from this model? In the first place, exterior design is similar to Model S. Also, you can expect simple body shapes, sports features, coupe roof line and much more. At first glance, there are differences between conventional and this electric car. If you look at front fascia you can see there is no front grille. Instead, this area comes with black plastic and closed structure. Further, engineers moved air vents toward the lower position.

What else can you see? The headlights are identical compared with Porsche Macan but they provide a better level of visibility. A story about different fascia concludes with the new front bumper and shorter overhangs. Let’s go to see sides. The expert’s eye can notice higher rear shoulders which give more space inside. As a final point, rear end gives new trunk lid, LED lights, chrome details and diffuser. Perhaps this model doesn’t have luxury details, but its clean design keeps everything that is necessary for the modern driver.

2018 Tesla Model 3 – Interior

Tesla changes dashboard and now probably is not more sterile. In addition, it adopts new details such as instrumental cluster and AC vents, while steering wheel gets control commands. That is awesome, isn’t it? In the middle of the dashboard, there is a big tablet with many apps which controls all processes during driving. Maybe you wonder how 2018 Tesla 3 is cheaper than its brothers. Key reason lies in the fact that is inside of cabin covered with plastic, unlike wood, leather, and other expensive materials. But you don’t need to worry because Tesla 3 still retains great quality.

What might be a new value to you? Consider a situation where five adult occupants carry much luggage on their trip. That is no problem now because Tesla 3 offers two trunks. Yeah, under the hood is also trunk. Finally, do not be disappointed, Tesla prepares Autopilot autonomous functionality and Supercharging technology for you.

2018 Tesla Model 3-interior

2018 Tesla Model 3 – Electric motor

Specification for 2017 Tesla Model 3 is very interesting because an electric motor starts up wheels. The range of batteries includes two levels: first one between 70- and 90-kWh and second one 40-kWh and 60-kWh. In the first case, you can get across 215 miles and the second case over 250 miles. Acceleration from 0 mph to 60 mph is just six seconds. Electric motor sends power to the rear wheels and toward all four wheels, too. For people who like more horsepower carmaker is making a more powerful solution. Namely, two paired electric motors produce 370 horsepower, acceleration is four seconds and speed limit is 150 mph. We must mention that this combination increases price twice. Safety package holds new features, and head people in company guarantees five-star rating.

2018 Tesla Model 3 – Price

We see two strong competitors in this segment, and one is from Europe, BMW 3 Series. The second one is from USA, Chevrolet Bolt. Prices are moving between $27,500 and $50,000 and of course, depends on power option.

2018 Tesla Model 3-side view

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