2018 MINI Cooper Clubman Changes

For people who like fun and driving an oriented car, the MINI marque is the right solution for that. The lineup will include special edition which we call Clubman. What about Clubman? We are success to unveil origin of this largest MINI car. An actual second generation has removed faults from the previous time. Production is located in the UK and belongs to the C class (small family car). Further, behind the whole production is the renowned BMW manufacturer. All in all, new 2018 MINI Cooper Clubman will present a long list of new things. Unlike 2014 when Top Gear magazine placed the Mini Clubman on its list of “The worst cars you can buy right now”, now is situation total opposite. New quality materials, technologies and comfort they speak in favor of it.

2018 MINI Cooper Clubman Body Style

There is a few of the main characteristic which you must know when we talk about 2018 MINI Cooper Clubman. The whole body will be underpinned by BMW UKL2 platform. Thanks to the 4-door body wagon, it provides extra space into the cabin. That means much more space for passengers and luggage. In addition, this car has two drive options such as front wheel drive and all-wheel drive. If you do not think that this car is for you just to struts through the city streets, still to try off-road driving so you can select a drive on all wheels.

2018 MINI Cooper Clubman-front view

2018 MINI Cooper Clubman Engines

North America specification includes two different engines in the offer. The first option is somewhat weaker. It is the 1.5-liter inline three-cylinder engine which produces 134 horsepower. In addition, this engine is supported with direct-injection turbo technology. The second option is more powerful, so you can count on turbo 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with 189 horsepower. Depending on engine selection you get six-speed manual or auto and eight-speed auto transmission. In fact, engines make fuel savings and use the well-known STOP-START system.

2018 MINI Cooper Clubman Design

Last but not least, people want to know about the exterior and interior changes. The design is also important at the decision which car we want to purchase. Look at the exterior and you can see recognizable corporate design language with some novelties. At the list of changed elements, we can find adaptive LED headlights, panoramic sunroof and 18-inch alloy wheels. In the inside, you can expect new infotainment system and safety equipment. Last NHTSA opinion about safety will this time be improved.

2018 MINI Cooper Clubman-rear view

2018 MINI Cooper Clubman Price

Price for standard package amounts $36,900. If you want S package then the price jumps to $44,900. Finally, the most luxury package is JCW with cost of $54,900.

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