2018 Lexus ES Features, Specs

If you wish a full-size luxury sedan then you can consider a new Lexus ES model. What ES acronym means? Someone says Executive Sedan while others Elegant Sedan too. This model has a long tradition that is dating from 1989 to this day, while at this moment the sixth generation of mentioned car is cruising on everyday roads. First of all, it was a compact car, but its dimensions were growing with the flow of time. 2018 Lexus ES has four-door body configuration which is related to Toyota Avalon. The current generation of this model is produced in Georgetown (USA) and presents a luxury division of Toyota designed for North American market. Furthermore, it will probably be a bestselling model from Lexus lineup.

2018 Lexus ES-exterior views

2018 Lexus ES – Exterior

2018 Lexus ES exterior will have a few innovations which will beautify the whole appearance. The front fascia takes new chrome grille and more bars that hide air vents. What does this mean for design? The elegant form emphasizes modern design that has evolved over time. Especially appealing are front LED beams which increase visibility in any situations, night or dense fog. The rear end also gets new lighting unit while the rest of it has still stayed unchanged. Interior has a premium package that provides the next level of comfort.

The depth of the cabin offers enough space for legroom and it is also very functional. In addition, attention directed on the safety package with new functions and systems. Some of them are pre-collision alert device and lane departure caution that keeps the driver and other passengers well protected. Also, we can expect flexible cruise line management without we couldn’t imagine a modern car.

2018 Lexus ES-interior views

2017 Lexus ES – Powertrain

2018 Lexus ES will be able to push its limits with the very strong powertrain. Word is about incredible V6 engine which will produce around 268 horsepower. No sedan has similar output values because most of them pay more attention to comfort. In addition, the drivetrain will be also available as a hybrid which output is 200 horsepower. Firstly mentioned engine take six-speed automatic gearbox while hybrid has CVT. Power comes on the front wheels and that is the only option.

Thanks to the better mechanical assembly we can be satisfied with drive mobility. On the other hand, fuel consumption has worsened and stands at 21 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway. But when we talk about hybrid these numbers are way better. Sprint time is just 8.3 seconds and everybody commented that it is slow like a “snail”. Either way specification from this model will become the main advantage compared to the competition.

2018 Lexus ES – Conclusion

Many customers have interest when will 2018 Lexus ES see the light of day. You won’t have to wait long for that and other answers to questions you have. This beautiful sedan will come out soon, and you better be prepared for it. Basic price is slightly higher than to the previous version of this model.


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