2018 Kia GT Exclusive Spy Photos

Do you want wild concept? Are you not completely sure? For those who like a four-door sedan with coupe roofline and sports characteristics we strongly recommend new 2018 Kia GT. Its debut is almost prepared and is not secret that it will be realized during 2016. New car shares platform with newest Genesis G70 compact sedan, but all that we can tell you now is that it’s a rear-wheel-drive configuration. Before we continue to talk about innovations in the new version. It is also necessary to mention original concept from 2011 Frankfurt. Of course, the model has received some changes and developing of basic concept goes in right direction. Spy photos show new sedan which has camouflage, but roof structure stays same. For more exterior details keep your attention on next paragraph which will unveil updates.

2018 Kia GT-front view

2018 Kia GT – Unique Exterior Design

The unique exterior design of  2018 Kia GT adopts smooth panels, which makes it more elegant and modern. For example, rear end comes with Kammback-style and quad chrome exhaust pipes. Some critics go in directions that carmaker uses aerodynamic tweaks to improve driving. Because of that whole concept is very interesting with air vents on the front fascia and with sides. Eye of the observer can catch other changes in the rear section, like the new conventional trunk and fancy rear lights with LED technology. What else? The front fascia looks very well thanks to the new headlights, sports hood, and other details. That is not all, side doors allow easy access inside the cabin, because of a new mechanism that delivers new angle of opening.

2018 Kia Gt-rear view

2018 Kia GT – Power Plant

The powerful power plant is basic of each sports model because their outputs are higher from other cars. New technology supports work of engine and also produces next level of effectiveness. Under the hood 2018 Kia GT launches 3.3-liter turbo V6 power plant. It generates 389 horsepower and 394 lb-ft of torque. This unit comes with the eight-speed automatic transmission, but some sources announced the possibility of introducing manual gearbox. Rumors tell us about potential hybrid power plant system which would combine 2.0 turbocharged four-cylinder power plant and an electric motor. The American market is suitable for this kind of power so it’s not impossible to come to its realization.

2018 Kia GT-interior

 2018 Kia GT – Price

South Korean producer continues to invest in the interior of the car. In the new 2018 Kia GT, you can expect premium materials, sports seats, precise management system, and many other improvements. At this moment we can’t talk much about devices or progress of technology because carmaker kept this information for himself. But you can understand which trend will be present if you look other Kia or Hyundai models.  The safety program isn’t mentioned and we conclude that has stayed unchanged compared to the previous version. Further, 2018 Kia GT debut is scheduled for the Paris Auto Show in 2016. Price will start at $30,000 and rise will depend on the type of power plant choice. Direct competitors are BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe and Audi A5.

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