2018 Infiniti QX70 Review

Nissan has a luxury brand intended for American market which is publicly known as Infiniti. What exactly this brand presents? The Japanese carmaker makes this kind of special vehicles to respond to specific customer requirements. We have the honor to present 2018 Infiniti QX70, a third-generation model with new design and performances. At Beijing Auto Show carmaker unveils QX Sports Inspiration concept to show the main direction for the upcoming model. The new design offers all-new grille that will be wider than before, deep intakes for better engine cooling and muscle shape of the body. That’s not all; designers made new curves, modern solutions, and decorative elements. As a result, we expect more attractive look which stands out from competition. At the end, as a special treat, you can see new LED lights with distinctive eyelashes.

2018 Ininiti QX70-front view

2018 Infiniti QX70 – Exterior

According to the words of Alfonso Albaisa who is Executive Design Director, 2018 Infiniti QX70 will be elegant and artistic. Designers have made changes on the C-pilar which has crescent-cut shape. Muscles and aerodynamic features improve driving performance. We can conclude that it is practical vehicle because of changes to dimensions. Some of them are length 181.1 inch, width 74.8 inches and ground clearance is 9.1 inches. Further, front double-wishbone suspension and other advanced mechanical elements guarantee great abilities. Torsion rigidity is bigger several times so that structure of body stays resistant to the impacts from outside.

2018 Infiniti QX70-rear view

2018 Infiniti QX70 – Specification

The specification is still not available. That’s because it’s too early for the carmaker to announce information about engines. Everything that we know at this moment is based on the predictions that retain same power units. For example, most popular has been 3.7-liter V6 engine which produces around 330 horsepower. But this is not the only option, you can select also stronger 5.0-liter V8 engine for more power. On the other hand, customers who want to have economic gas mileage probably will think about diesel option or Hybrid power system. All engines comes with a seven-speed automatic transmission with a manual mode which sends power to the rear wheel and four wheels.

2018 Infiniti QX70-interior

2018 Infiniti QX70 – Interior

What happened with interior design? Obviously, the interior comes with the updated design, which will be fancy. The cabin can accommodate four occupants arranged in two rows of seats. Carmaker increases legroom for passengers and same time gives a high level of comfort. The driver has very good view from the cockpit and functional command which are easier for management. Especially you can notice the new design on the central console with a better layout of switches and functions. Further, additional information about interior will be available in the future. Direct rivals of 2018 Infiniti QX70 are Lexus RX, BMW X5, Mercedes-Benz GLE and others. Price is not known but we think that will be higher from the current model.

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