2018 Honda CR-Z News, Features

Many people are wondering what will happen with Honda CR-Z. Some sources have announced the discontinuation of production at the end of 2016. On the other hand, the manufacturer has done the last preparation to get out on the market in the first quarter of 2018. We talk about all-new sports hybrid coupe which is performance-oriented. First of all, the base is new Civic platform instead to originally Fit platform. As the main advantage, the new platform will have longer wheelbase. You can expect a little bit different design details compared to what we’re used to now. The 2018 Honda CR-Z has a modern sports design which will come with significant changes.

2018 Honda CR-Z-front view

2018 Honda CR-Z Design

The exterior design will borrow design language from two Honda models NSX and the Civic Type R. At the first glance, 2018 Honda CR-Z has an aggressive body style with sculpture and aerodynamic components. Among the most visible details, you can notice the new hood the oval shape and unique grille with mesh somewhat under it. The rear end looks like a rocket with a huge spoiler which is fixed on the trunk. In addition, end also has a diffuser and exhaust pipes integrated into one.

2018 Honda CR-Z-interior

2018 Honda CR-Z Specs

The specification includes only one engine choice when the USA in the question. Namely, 2018 Honda CR-Z will be launched with turbo 2.0-liter VTEC four-cylinder. According to announce, it will produce around 280 horsepower. Further, the engine comes with the eight-speed automatic transmission which sends power to the all four wheels. The Japanese market can expect turbo 1.5-liter hybrid i-DCD engine. It produces around 200 horsepower. Unlike the conventional engine, the hybrid will come with the CVT transmission.

2018 Honda CR-Z Interior & Price

Information about the interior is not available yet. We assume that it layout and type of devices will be similar. Perhaps 2018 Honda CR-Z will bring more quality materials and updated software in accordance with latest technologies. Price will be higher in order to cover costs of production.

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