2018 Honda Civic Si Review

Beside to public announcement of Honda Civic Type R, we are in a position to talk about new 2018 Honda Civic Si. Word is about compact sedan which will come with changes in exterior design and increases of performance. For instance, turbo engine will provide 15 lb-ft of torque and 15 horsepower more compared to the last iteration. Further, design becomes more aggressive thanks to extra air ducts and aerodynamic components. You’ll have the opportunity to see the world premiere of Civic Si between 14 and 23 April 2017 at New York International Auto Show. This beautiful car should take pick sympathy from younger population and fans of this model. Its closer followers are Ford Focus ST and Volkswagen GTI.

2018 Honda Civic Si-front view

2018 Honda Civic Si Exterior & Interior

Description of changes on the front fascia is related to new bumper which is aggressive with air inlets in the corner. On the profile, you can notice larger wheels with a special type of tires. It will be more durable and resistant to any kind of terrain and weather conditions. The 2018 Honda Civic Si has also a new spoiler on the rear end and new exhaust outlets. All in all, these changes will enhance driving and current design.

Interior is not undergoing bigger changes when the design is in the question. First of all, materials are more quality unlike earlier. The level of the comfort is significantly higher with standard options. The 2018 Honda Civic Si includes devices and systems which have refreshed with the latest version of software and technology.

2018 Honda Civic Si-interior

2018 Honda Civic Si Specs

What about specification? In the offer, you can find 1.5-liter turbo four-cylinder engine which produces 220 horsepower and 193 lb-ft of torque. The 2018 Honda Civic Si comes with the six-speed manual gearbox which sends power to front wheels.

2018 Honda Civic Si Release Date

The sales start is scheduled for second half of 2017. The price will be somewhat higher than the current price. Furthermore, Si package can be installed in the Civic Coupe, too.

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