2018 Honda Accord Updates

The Japanese carmaker somewhere deep into Southwest desert made first testing of 2018 Honda Accord. This model is in the middle of its life-cycle. Because of that, we should not be surprised with above-mentioned fact. If you take a closer look at Honda schedule, you can probably notice that Accord comes out every two years with new updates. Currently, the ninth-generation of the mid-size sedan has proved like a family car which is a very comfortable for driving. Are customers satisfied with it? Carmakers make nightmares to each other because they try to add new values. For example, customers now expect sleeker exterior and interior design. That’s not all; they also expect more powerful powertrains. Answer on the above question is “No”, so we took a little peek in updates of the new model. Carmaker plans debut in North America in Autumn 2017.

2018 Honda Accord-front view

2018 Honda Accord – Exterior

Experienced paparazzi have made exclusive spy shots on which 2018 Honda Accord has black camouflage. However, we can notice some changes and unveil for you some interesting details. First of all, our eyes see new roof-line which further goes with sloping surfaces and end right above the trunk. Opposite, on the front fascia is grille which has a more angular shape, while headlights follow this structure but retains LED technology. Still yet a large number of details present true mystery. There is a big similarity with latest Honda Civic design from whose it borrowed some elements. In addition, new Accord also shares a platform with Civic model. Many bloggers put emphasis on the aggressive look and that is true because customers want a more modern look.

2018 Honda Accord – Interior

What happened with interior design? In most cases, designers were taking over solutions of the well-known Civic model. These elements to a large degree are adjusted for new 2018 Honda Accord. You can expect something new on the dashboard, in other words, smart systems, and technology which facilities handling. For example, the instrumental panel will stay the same, but infotainment system and safety package will come with some add-ons. Further, Honda is extending legroom between rows of seats and on that way will provide greater comfort. Youngest members of the family have very modern entertainment system available which is connected to the Internet. Reproduction of multimedia files, games, music, movies, cartoons and much more is at your fingertips.

2018 Honda Accord-rear view

2018 Honda Accord – Engine

Engineers have decided that instead 3.5-liter V6, install 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Although is smaller than V6, it is also more compact with great power and torque. These changes in the specification bring better effectiveness and fuel consumption. The same engine is used in a Hybrid system in combination with an electric motor. The conventional engine produces around 212 horsepower while electric motor gives extra power. Head of Honda said that these two options are specifically designed for USA market. Specs are something different for the Chinese and European market. Engines come with a few types of transmission. Hybrid offers CVT transmission, while the standard version comes with five or six-speed automatic transmission.

2018 Honda Accord – Price

Basic price will start from $22,355 and can increase to a few a thousand dollars for the hybrid version.

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