2018 Genesis G80 Design, Specs & Details

Hyundai Motor Company has brought the decision to start with new division which will produce Genesis models. At this moment, it is the youngest carmaker on the market. Genesis was nameplate by Hyundai but now it appears as a carmaker. The Korean manufacturer has gathered the head people from competition and made the best team for this luxury segment. We have written about Genesis G70 and now we will continue to write about the larger G80 model. Actually, it is full-size luxury sedan which was started with production this year. Namely, the 2018 Genesis G80 should come on the market next year. What can we expect from it?

First of all, G80 has Sports nameplate which means special trim and exterior design. Furthermore, mechanic elements were integrated into the body while the twin-turbo 3.3-litre V6 engine is taken from the G90 flagship model. Information about new Genesis G80 is available on the internet. In the next a few paragraphs, we will illuminate you unknown info about Genesis G80.

2018 Genesis G80-front view

2018 Genesis G80 – Exterior

We begin with an aggressive outfit that it has on the body. In question is the unique design from the front fascia as well as some new details on the side skirt. That’s not all since the 2018 Genesis G80 offers additional interesting details. For example, the word is about modern bumpers on the front end and also on the rear. In addition, designers have added aerodynamic elements such as a diffuser, dual exhaust tips and upgraded cooling system with the air vents.

Also, the new Genesis G80 seems so beautiful thanks to decorative accents in color of the body. Further, the exclusive 19-inch alloy wheels also follow body color and its modern design will leave you breathless. As we above-mentioned, the front fascia includes mesh and a little bit above you can recognize badge in the center. Coupe roofline leaks in the trunk and makes the design perfect. All in all, smooth door panels with elegant design and folds on the hood will adopt Sports spirit.

2018 Genesis G80 – Cabin

While we have looked at interior the first time, we notice comfortable seats with leather upholstery in black or gray color. Just like that, you’re in the apartment like a cabin. The 2018 Genesis G80 provides a light aluminum pedals and a thicker steering wheel that makes you feel as in any other sports car. Unlike other models, it has a T-shaped gearbox with an excellent pattern for the quick response. The dashboard is decorated with carbon fiber, while the instrument cluster is enriched with analog and digital gauges. Furthermore, the designers invest additional efforts in the noise insulation and vibration. Now you can drive this car and enjoy in quiet surroundings. Perhaps you prefer some other stitching or materials, and then you can select a different variation.

2018 Genesis G80-interior

2018 Genesis G80 – Specification

Definitely, we came to the most significant part of this Sports car, and it is the engine. According to reports of the carmaker, twin-turbo 3.3-liter V6 with 365 horsepower will launch the 2018 Genesis G80. For people who need a stronger version, there is a 5.0-liter V8 engine available with 420 horsepower. Both engines will come in connection with eight-speed automatic transmission. The basic option will provide you front-wheel drive while the second option is Genesis HTRAC system.

2018 Genesis G80 – Release Date & Competitors

The spring of 2017 is time for the public premiere of this beauty. The key competitors are Mercedes AMG and BMW M models. The price is still not available.

2018 Genesis G80-rear view

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