2018 Buick Verano Cancelled

General Motors almost launched the second generation of Buick Verano in China. What happened with it at American market? On the internet, rumors circulate about appearing of 2018 Buick Verano. According to Automotive News report, it will not happen. Verano will stay in  China further. There are a couple reasons for that. First of all, the need for SUVs is growing from day to day while the sale of the luxury limo is dropping. The second reason goes in direction of main market share which takes Encore and Enclave. The third and final reason could be an announcement from General Motors to launch new Cadillac sedan. In this way will not be a fight between two brands from the same opus.

2018 Buick Verano-front

2018 Buick Verano China Market

Regardless of that, Chinese version will be a little bit bigger than the predecessor. As follow you can expect roomier interior space, more efficient engine and significant lighter body. All of that contributes to premium driving performance and better position on the market. The race in the segment is big; the manufacturers have tried to reach a maximum in everything. Instead the 2018 Buick Verano, you must satisfy with model exclusively for China market. It retains D2XX platform, the four-door layout of the body and front wheel drive.

2018 Buick Verano Alternative

The Specification is very interesting, so Verano will use 2.0 L LTG I4 engine. It produces 270 horsepower and comes with the 7-speed dual clutch gearbox. That is not all, the perfect mechanical assembly gives an incredible feeling during driving and great stability. The athletic body will be a common occurrence on the roads. Still, unfortunately, 2018 Buick Verano designed for the American market will be cancelled. Chinese customers love this model, so it will surely continue in the next time. To return to the subject, if you are a great fan of Verano, you should search alternative on the American market. As we say earlier, it could be Cadillac or Chevrolet Cruze.

2018 Buick Verano Conclusion

Maybe this story sounds disappointed for true lovers of Verano, but sometimes it is a necessity in the automotive industry. On the off-chance, General Motors has a lot to offer.

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