2018 BMW Z5 Sports Car

Now is the moment to present you new 2018 BMW Z5 model. It is made as a replacement for BMW Z4. The partnership between Toyota and BMW has a goal to create an excellent sports car. Further, you can expect new platform which underpins wider and longer body. The position of the body is lower than before so that reflects its sports spirit. Testing in the winter environment showed some new elements on the exterior design. Most important are a soft roof, new grille, and different rear end. Engine department retained the effective four-cylinder and inline-6 engines. All in all, new roadster will be sexy and will attract potential customers. Namely, the prototype is proof that Z5 will enter very quickly in the production. First models will be available on the market in late 2017. According to joint venture agreement, the production will be located in Magna-Steyr plant in Austria.

2018 BMW Z5-front view

2018 BMW Z5 Soft Roof

Although companies have announced it in 2013, BMW Z5 gains realization now. Almost after few years, we can clearly see results of cooperation. The 2018 BMW Z5 will be a sportier car with a beautiful design appropriate for the purpose. Look at front fascia and you can notice aggressive look. For example, the observer will firstly see wider twin-kidney grille. Somewhat below is located the bumper with minor changes. Furthermore, the front fascia disposes of larger headlights and longer hood. Sides have smooth surfaces without muscle. On the other hand, the rear end is a little bit different. We expect flatter bumper and nameplate which is up. However, the trunk lid looks like similar as in BMW Z4. Finally, soft roof replaces hardtop.

2018 BMW Z5 Interior

The interior will take some elements from 2016 BMW 3-Series such as instrument cluster, infotainment system and more. Changes don’t distort ambient into the cabin but will improve management and comfort. Some of them are steering wheel and control commands. Therefore, German philosophy when the interior is in question stays unchanged. Designers work at the improvement the cabin. It must be a more pleasant place for occupants.

2018 BMW Z5-interior

2018 BMW Z5 Hybrid

The specification includes basic turbo four cylinder engines which will be more powerful than earlier. If you need more power then you will surely utilize optional version. There is 3.0-liter inline-six engine as a top variant. American market eagerly awaits hybrid power for new 2018 BMW Z5 which will borrow it from Toyota Supra. We expect the top speed of 155 mph and appropriate acceleration from 0-60 mph in five seconds. Engineers claim that manual and dual-clutch automatic gearbox will be available.

2018 BMW Z5 Price

Basic price will start $49,000. But if you need premium package then it will raise the price to $55,000. We can seek direct competitors between German models such as Audi TT Roadster and Mercedes-Benz SLC.

2018 BMW Z5-rear view

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