2018 BMW i8 Sports Coupe

Directly from Munich, the BMW Company prepares updates for sports coupe 2018 BMW i8. Namely, it comes originally from 2012 Spyder concept. BMW i8 has appeared on the market for two years and for short time made real success. At this moment, new i8 has adjusted to changes which introduced the i3. Further, that means chassis improvement, more power for the plug-in hybrid system and changes on the exterior look. First of all, you can expect a convertible version with the mobile roof. One more interesting fact is that BMW i8 is used as Safety Car in Formula E. It guarantees stronger performances and better ability in everyday driving. According to reports, we will be in the opportunity to buy it in late 2017.

2018 BMW i8-front view

2018 BMW i8 Specification

Harald Krueger, who is the BMW CEO said that new chassis will be lower for 0.5-inch. In addition, the change is visible in the brake section just like in suspension. Furthermore, the manufacturer used lightweight materials in order to enhance the performance of 2018 BMW i8. The engineers have paid special attention to power range. We think to new hybrid plug-in system boosts output over 400 horsepower. This number was accomplished thanks to new batteries for the electric motor. The word is about lithium ion batteries which are high-quality. So, the turbo 1.5-liter 3-cylinder petrol engine and an electric motor make the unique plug-in hybrid drive.

Finally, the manufacturer creates inductive charging system in cooperation with Qualcomm. The point is that it uses resonant magnetic induction to transfer energy. It flows between ground pad and collector. However, you can find more details about this topic in the next time.

2018 BMW i8 Interior & Exterior

The sporty interior comes with some special elements for this kind of car. The 2018 BMW i8 is two-seater which has smart commands and support of new technologies. On the other hand, new prototype shows two big differences to exterior design compared to the previous version. Those are new alloy wheels while the second has the mobile roof which stands instead of the rear window. All in all, you can count on the beautiful look and better quality of sheet metal.

2018 BMW i8-side view

2018 BMW i8 Conclusion

We are curious because of new i8 which is much faster. That means much better result from current 4.4 seconds in acceleration. The convertible version will be more interesting for young people. The price is not yet available, but we think that it will be higher. The 2018 BMW i8 can drive in the pure electric regime and protect the environment from adverse impacts.

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