2018 BMW 8-Series Coupe

Some people like extremely big and bold cars. Can you imagine that such car has only two-doors? It is some kind of the convertible car with a hardtop which belongs the coupe segment. Namely, the 8-Series in BMW lineup was already stopped one time in the past. At this moment on the world market, BMW leads the battle with Mercedes-Benz. The body of this sports car is completely unveiled so we can clearly see novelties. The basic question ins on which the platform will new 2018 BMW 8-Series model be built. In fact, the word is about current 7-Series lightweight platform. Furthermore, it will also include carbon-fiber material and other materials to reduce weight.

The design language is inspired by Vision Future Luxury concept from 2014. That means a long hood, long wheelbase, beautiful roofline which ends in the trunk lid and more. Finally, the introduction will be finished with an unbelievable plug-in hybrid. In hybrid combination, you can find astonishing V8 and V12 engines. It promises more horsepower than the competition.

2018 BMW 8-Series Futuristic Exterior Design

On the spy photos, you can notice camouflage which is wrapping the whole body. The 2018 BMW 8-Series brings modern body lines which are a trademark of BMW Company. The distance between the door and the rear wheel is a little bit longer. In addition, if you follow the line you can see new taillights. It borrows from mentioned Concept and looks futuristic. That’s not all, the trunk lid carries spoiler which looks sporty. Somewhat bellow, in the rear bumper, the engineers have installed two exhaust pipes. We cannot tear impression about the quality of sheet metal while beautiful colors which will certainly attract potential customers.

2018 BMW 8-Series-front view

2018 BMW 8-Series Interior

First of all, we don’t have so much information about the interior. The 2018 BMW 8-Series adopts already seen solutions from siblings. The only thing worth mentioning is seats. Take a care about space in the second row of seats. So, this time here could seat adults and not only children. BMW continues with excellent devices, smart system, modern technologies etc.

2018 BMW 8-Series Engine

According to information, the carmaker has taken engines from 7-Series. In the question, engines are as follows, such as plug-in hybrid from BMW 740e, twin-turbo six from 740i and twin-turbo V8 from 750i. However, that is not all, at the end you can dispose of with twin-turbo V12. The last one comes with eight-speed automatic transmission while rests come with ZF eight-speed. You can select between two drive layouts, RWD as standard and AWD (xDrive) as an option.

2018 BMW 8-Series-rear view

2018 BMW 8-Series Price

Key competitors are Bentley Continental, Mercedes S class and more. The release date will happen somewhere in 2017. Basic price starts from $80,000.

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