2018 Aston Martin RapidE Electric

If you look what’s happening with electric cars in the American market then you realize it’s full potential. Tesla Model S rapidly grows and need for such kind of cars is huge. Famous British manufacturer Aston Martin will introduce for the first time 2018 Aston Martin RapidE model. Namely, it will originally be based on Rapide S luxury sedan. This all-electric car occurs as a result of cooperation with Chinese tech company LeEco. According to the announcement, LeEco will develop and produce batteries for RapidE. That is not all, Andy Palmer has already said that Tesla Ludicrous Speed is “stupid”. New RapidE will probably offer big power and suitable drive range for future customers. Furthermore, the four-door coupe design is very modern and sleek so we can say that manufacturer paid attention to the premium purpose.

2018 Aston Martin RapidE-front

2018 Aston Martin RapidE Electric

Tech Company LeEco besides the production of batteries is also specialized for the production of modular platforms for electric vehicles. In addition, the joint venture between Aston Martin and LeEco should bring great success. Changes are not visible just in basics, also in the cabin. LeEco has great experience in the production of infotainment system and electronics for General Motors. Due that, 2018 Aston Martin RapidE will be unrepeatable.

The upcoming 2018 Aston Martin RapidE brings an electric motor system which generates around 800 horsepower. It is too much even for conventional engines. The great system includes four electric motors, one for every axle. The original estimate was 1000 horsepower. Further, torque will deliver to all four wheels. Last but not least, drive range amounts 198 miles which is less than in Tesla Model S. According to official specification, it reaches 275 miles. In addition, Tesla Model S has amazing sprint for 2.8 seconds, and it will certainly be tough for Aston Martin to top that.

2018 Aston Martin RapidE-electric

Maybe you wonder what kind of benefits 2018 Aston Martin RapidE brings in the mechanical department. Two most important are regenerative braking and combining torque vectoring.

2018 Aston Martin RapidE Technology

What can you expect from technology inside the cabin? It will be very similar to Aston Martin Rapide S. On the equipment list you can find some things such as digital instrument cluster, Wi-Fi connection, speech recognition system and more. Also, the 2018 Aston Martin RapidE includes two significant things which assist occupants. Both comes from Rapide S and we talk about Letv in-car connectivity with Internet of the Vehicle (IOV) technology.

2018 Aston Martin RapidE-badge

2018 Aston Martin RapidE Price

Nobody has officially announced the price. We think that it will be higher than Rapide S.

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