2017 Infiniti Q60 Coupe New

After 2013 Infiniti produced Infiniti Q60 which is the successor of G-series coupe and Nissan Altima coupe. Namely, now we talk about the second generation of Q60 and many changes which are installed. Let’s go see what new 2017 Infiniti Q60 Coupe will bring us. At the last Detroit Auto Show, you’ve probably seen the standard model. And just a few months later you can enjoy in coupe version with minor changes compared with original. Basic settings have stayed identical but the manufacturer made additional effort in order to raise power and efficiency. By the way, next to sports exterior look you can notice beautiful interior which is very similar to German competitors. Infiniti Q60 coupe is related to BMW and Mercedes-Benz coupes.

The significant changes in the engine department and new manual gearbox announce great success. It’s not all; engineers have particularly pay attention to mechanical assembly. Perhaps at this moment you can choose one like that. We only want to help you about the details and what you will get for the specific price.

2017 Infiniti Q60 Coupe-front view

2017 Infiniti Q60 Coupe – Exterior

Replacement model will make a difference thanks to the aggressive front fascia with black decorative inserts. Here chrome is used in great quantities. Furthermore, the 2017 Infiniti Q60 Coupe comes with new thin headlights and fog lights. All in all, it has one piece front bumper so it will be sportier than before. Go to the back in order to verify what happens there. There is only one noteworthy change, round exhaust pipes which are located in the corners. Rest of the rear part retained distinctive features such as unusual shape taillights which look like a sinusoid. The second interesting detail is related to trunk-lid spoiler which also stayed the same.

Maybe you wonder about dimensions and we are going to tell you, Q60 coupe will be a little bit wider and lower. New 20-inch alloy wheels in combination with a lower center of gravity will give you unique feel during driving. What kind of feel? We think of adrenalin and safety. While at the same time it keeps elegant look which attracts new customers.

2017 Infiniti Q60 Coupe-interior

2017 Infiniti Q60 Coupe Interior

Unlike the concept, there are big differences in the production model when we talk about the interior. If you compare 2017 Infiniti Q60 Coupe with its siblings then you will find big similarities with Q50. In fact, people who saw interior have said that those two look identical. List of fancy devices is shortened, so equipment will come without refined controls on a touchscreen, A/C vents and more. But surely you wonder, what is new. It is upgraded infotainment system and 13-speaker Bose audio system. The trim option includes new materials which increase the level of comfort. For example, you can mix leather, aluminum, black wood, carbon fiber, glass fiber and more. Finally, the carmaker will improve insulation thus dramatically reduce noise.

2017 Infiniti Q60 Coupe Engines

The specification will adopt turbo 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with 208 horsepower. The second option is much stronger and that is 3.0-liter V6 with 300 horsepower. Last option is the V6 engine which tweaked delivers 400 horsepower. All of those three variations take the seven-speed automatic transmission. Fuel economy comes with better figures compared to the previous model. In a mechanic department, the carmaker offers two new options, Digital Dynamic Suspension and Drive Mode Selector. Also, the new all-wheel-drive system is available with better traction and equal distribution of torque. Safety protection includes active and passive features, as follows Intelligent Cruise Control, Forward Emergency Braking, Backup Collision Intervention and more.

2017 Infiniti Q60 Coupe-rear view

2017 Infiniti Q60 Coupe Price

Depending on the selection of engine, drive and trim you can purchase 2017 Infiniti Q60 Coupe for the price from $38,950 to $53,300. Two key competitors are BMW 4 Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe.

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