2017 Honda Clarity Review

The head people of Honda have spoken on June 17, 2016, about the interruption of the production of Honda CR-Z in favor of the new Honda Clarity and Honda Accord Hybrid. These words have a sense if you have on mind that its sales drastically dropped last year. Further, according to the reports of relevant sources, hydrogen power takes over the market. Most of the interests expressed the  customers from California just like from other countries of USA. The 2017 Honda Clarity is coming as a new generation in the last quarter of 2016. It will come with new Hydrogen Fuel Cell power as well as two additional versions such as Clarity Electric and Clarity Plug-In. The egress of mid-size sedan follows more interesting details which have a task to attract people who like green cars.

2017 Honda Clarity-front view

2017 Honda Clarity – Specification

First of all, we know that you’re impatient about Hydrogen Fuel Cell which will cost around $60,000. Second important thing is that 2017 Honda Clarity has two storage tanks for hydrogen under the rear seats. If you wonder how much miles you can go then answer is 434 miles. That is much better result compared to Toyota Mirai that has “only” 312 miles. John Mendel, who is vice president of American Honda Motor, said that it is a premium sedan able to respond to your lifestyle.

Also, customers want Electric version which ranges over 40 miles in pure mode. The electric motor uses small lithium-ion batteries hidden into the floor. It can produce approximately 174 horsepower and 221 pound-feet of torque. Its acceleration takes just nine seconds. Plug-In uses conventional 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine in combination with additional two electric motors. Same electric motors you can find in new 2017 Honda Accord.

2017 Honda Clarity – Interior & Safety

Unlike first-mentioned hydrogen version which is coming for 2017 model, two additional versions are coming for 2018 models. Interior of 2017 Honda Clarity will provide more cargo volume and space for occupants than competitors. The sedan can accommodate five adults while the seats are covered with soft materials. To sum it up, you have an impression that you are in aircraft because the cabin is total electrified. The content includes many updated devices and systems which for driver enable easier management. Some of them are infotainment system, audio system, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay etc. New Clarity includes active-safety technologies from Honda Sensing package and more.

2017 Honda Clarity-side view

2017 Honda Clarity – Exterior Design

The exterior design brings typical Honda elegant design with smooth panels and aerodynamic hood. In addition, the 2017 Honda Clarity looks great on the first glance of the observer. Thinner headlights and taillights give good lighting on the roads. On some parts of the sedan, you can notice chrome accents which make that this element looks more beautiful. The beautiful coupe roof is made from tinted glass, while there is enough headroom for all occupants, especially in the rear seats. Finally, authentic appearance gives modern alloy wheels with excellent tires which are rolling on different surfaces very well.

2017 Honda Clarity – Release Date

Most of the mentioned versions will go on sale during 2017. Just for one version we have a prediction about price while prices for two others versions still unknown. Last note for green cars lovers is that the state provides tax credits for buying this type of cars.

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